about us: Friends of the Suntree-Viera Library

    The Friends of the Suntree-Viera Library is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the library that serves our communities. We seek to assure the quality services, programs, and offerings that we have all learned to expect from our great library. We raise funds to augment the library budget for our communities by collecting used books and by offering those books for sale at the library on a daily basis and at our spring and fall book sales. We create other funding ventures and elected Board members allocate those funds to our library.  
    The Friends also form volunteer committees that serve the needs of our library community. 
    By raising public awareness of our library's vital role in education, social culture and enrichment, we promote the continuation and development of the Suntree-Viera Library.

    2015 Board Members
President: Betty Minton
1st Vice-President: Bobbi Shaw
2nd Vice-President: Ken Patwari
Treasurer: Tom Potere
Recording Secretary: Stephanie Jager
Corresponding Secretary: Marta Ney
Past President: Ken Previti
Past President: Rita D'Amico
Library Director: Mary Scholtz

    2015 Committees
Art Exhibits: Betty Minton
Book Sales: Bobbi Shaw
Bricks: Ken Patwari
Fundraising: Betty Minton
Landscaping: Clyde Shaw
Liaison: Sigrid Foerch
Membership: April Marino
Tree of Knowledge: Tom Potere
Advocacy: Ken Previti

    Board Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:00 in the library.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring a friend if you wish!
    Your membership contributions directly support the library. Board and Committee positions are filled by volunteers. We need you.
     Please volunteer for positions at every level of service and ability. We stay effective by doing our small share for our community.
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